• Get ready for a great neighborhood event!

    The 4th Annual Rust to Green One World Flower Fest (OWFF) District will once again bring people, creativity, beauty, character and positive energy to Oneida Square on May 12, 2018, 11am-3pm – Mother’s Day weekend. The event is made possible by a consortium of local businesses, organizations and neighbors working together.


    This year, Utica Love is coordinating the festival and hoping to grow its success by engaging the ideas and contributions of an ever-enlarging set of spirited people and groups from throughout the neighborhood and city. At its core, the One World Flower Festival is a creative placemaking event celebrating flowers, mothers, Mother’s Day and the ‘One World’ diversity of Utica arts, culture and community. As a welcoming and celebratory outdoor event, free to all, the festival is contributing to Oneida Square’s revitalization by attracting more activity, users, and investment to this vital center of downtown neighborhood life, arts and culture. Above all, by bringing beauty, creativity, music and performances – love– to Oneida Square, the OWFF is playing its part in making the Square a more vibrant and attractive place to shop, meet friends and call home.

    Festival goals:

    • Transform the Square, making it a beautiful physical environment and lively social space 
    • Encourage people to linger in the Square
    • Bring patrons to local businesses
    • Let there be music, dance, and art—everywhere!
    • Invite all generations to the Square
    • Whet an appetite for permanent art
    • Inspire neighborhood pride
    • Give everyone something to take home
    • Have fun and create a 'buzz'
    • Build momentum for doing it again next year!
  • Information and schedule of activities from One World Flower Fest 2018

    FREE activities for the whole family in the Oneida Square arts and business district!

    Times and locations will be filled in as our planning comes together!

    • Live art mural and artists working throughout the neighborhood
    • Sidewalk chalk contest
    • Artisans Marketplace in Kopernik Park featuring some of your favorite local artists
    • A very cool vegetable flower live sculpture on MWPAI's yard that we'll be getting drone footage of, compliments of Ryan Miller of the thINCubator

    • An art display by students at Albany School in Utica, The Kelberman Center

    • Other art throughout the area!



    Interested in taking part? Fill out our online form and we'll be in touch.

    • Main music act
    • Drum circle by The House of the Good Shepherd
    • Live remote by Anthony "Zee" Donaldson of the Disruption Networks

    • FREE walk-in Hip Hop dance classes at Utica Dance: 11:30am, 12:30pm and 1:30pm
    • Dance demos at Utica Dance at 1:00pm and 2:00pm
    • Dance performances and surprises from Dance with Utica
    • Dance by Karen hip hop group TOXIK from the Midtown Utica Community Center

    • Flower pot painting
    • Fruit and veggie stamp art


    • Mother's Day photos

    • Salon One will help you get ready for your photos!

    • PrattMWP School of Art & Design (see inside the world class art school and see some student work!)
    • Steamworks Ability Lab maker space in Cornerstone Church

    • With Dented Bumper Yoga


    • Food Waste Education with our friends from the Compassion Coalition



    • Jane Jacobs walks to explore Oneida Square and learn about history, architecture and more!



    • Coming soon!


    A Pop Up Art Show at Tiny's Grill on State Street, starting at 3:00pm
    Live Poetry at The Tramontane Cafe from 5-8pm (they will be open all day as well with tea specials, lunch, snacks and more!)




    Music! Dance!
    Performance venues

    Enjoy the delicious food around Oneida Square!

    Look for food specials at all the restaurants in the square: Palermo's Pizzeria, Mi Casa, and Joel's Spanish Food. Take a walk to Swifty's, Tiny's, Ancora or the Tramontane Cafe.

  • 2018 Sponsors


    Bank of Utica

    Hage & Hage Law and Consulting

    The Scene

    Mix 102.5

    BB Designs



    Disruption Network


    Broadway Theater League
    Oneida Square Market, Inc.
    Steamworks Ability Lab
    Tailor & the Cook



    Salon One
    Sparagna Serve-All Co.
    Vintage Furnishings
    Palermo Pizzeria
    HomeOwnership Center
    Daniele’s at Valley View

    Swifty’s Restaurant & Pub
    Anthony Perretta
    Holland Farms
    Puff ‘N Stuff
    Big Blue North



    Casa Imports

    Gigliotti's Driving School

    Mi Casa
    The Tramontane Cafe


    Chalk Art Prize Sponsors





  • 2018 One World Flower Fest Committee

    Flower Fest Committee Hard at Work!

    Committee meeting at thINCubator, April 2, 2018

  • Look what we created together! Thank you!

    2018 Planning Committee:


    Chair: Angela Johnson, BB Designs and Utica Love


    Joe Caruso

    Derek Crossman
    Rachel Daughtry

    Jerry Dischiavo

    Anthony "Zee" Donaldson

    Katie Giacovelli

    Rebecca Spataro Kearns

    Richelle Maki

    Gabriella "Gia" Marchesani

    Cathy Marsh

    Gina Murtagh
    Diane Shoemaker
    Alex Samorary
    Michelle Truett
    Caroline Williams


    2018 Partners


    Compassion Coalition

    Disruption Network

    HomeOwnership Center

    The Kelberman Center

    The House of the Good Shepherd

    Midtown Utica Community Center

    The Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees

    City of Utica

    Dance with Utica

    Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute


    Salon One

    Albany Elementary School

    Cornerstone Community Church

    Dented Bumper Yoga

    Hart Park

    Utica Children's Museum/Kids Oneida


    Jerry Dischiavo, owner of Vintage Furnishings

    Meet Jerry Dischiavo - One World Flower Fest committee member, and owner of Vintage Furnishings, (337 Genesee Street). The store, "a finely curated antique and furniture store" since 1981, is a trip through at least a century of Americana, while specializing in 1940s mahogany bedroom and dining room sets.

    Jerry is an Oneida Square business person, squared (OSqB2) because his store opens on both Genesee Street and Park Avenue. He is a veritable fountain of history about Utica. (Photo & article by Joseph P. Caruso)

  • Festival Map

    Below is a map of festival event locations for 2016. Everything is in walking distance. There is plenty of street parking and a parking lot behind the public library on Park Avenue. Check the Activities section above for what will be happening where.

    Locations on the map
    1. Monument @ Oneida Square

    2. Plant Street (first block closed)

    3. Palermo's park (mural painting, etc.)

    4. Vintage Furnishings

    5. Kopernik Park

    6. Eagle St. N / S (block closed)

    7. DeSales Center lot / sidewalk

    8. Utica Public Library front / back

    9. Unity Garden South and Gazebo

    10. D&O Print Solutions, 287 Genesee Street

    11. Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute and Fountain Elms

    12. Utica Dance

  • Have an idea? Want to get involved? Let us know!

    We are always looking for interested artists, local organizations, and community members to join in creating of the festival.

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  • Resources

    We've found inspiration in these documents, pictures, and videos—we hope you will, too!

  • Here's a look at 2015's One World Flower Fest from prep to finish.